The best results begin with perfect sample preparation, and our industry leading efforts in achieving the finest polished section quality have underpinned our research and commercial activities for over twenty years.  Dr Jane Newman created the alphanumeric scale for quality of sample preparation that is part of the first ASTM standard D7708 for vitrinite determination on sedimentary rocks.

Using an adaptive suite of advanced preparation techniques we can achieve a world leading quality of polished section on all organic, mineral and metallic sample material, as well as a variety of challenging materials like salt/evaporite, graphite and samples with swelling clays and gouge from fault zones.

Whether for research, academic or commercial application, our expertly prepared and polished sections will lend precision and confidence to any measurements, as well as providing flawless photomicrographs.  Working in collaboration with our partners, Newman Energy Research Ltd can also produce quality thin and polished sections.


Graphite polished perpendicular to layering

Graphite polished perpendicular to layering


  • Staged impregnations during polishing of whole rock samples, allowing material retention to be optimised to achieve superior representation during analysis. 

  • Rapid cutting and polishing using the best available products to achieve the lowest relief fine polish on both organic and inorganic constituents.  Clarifying the relationships between different mineral phases, host sediments, mineral complexes and primary and secondary organic constituents of the host rock.

  • Alternative non-aqueous polishing environment for aqueously reactive or soluble samples

  • Urgent services are avaliable when polished sections are required rapidly.  Within one week after recieving raw sample material (dependant on courier times).

Polished Salt crystals viewed with electron scanning microscope

Polished Salt crystals viewed with electron scanning microscope


Polished section size guide:

The nominal size for a polished section (or thin section) is 1.22 inch (31mm( diameter, which fits neatly on a standard microscope slide and is compatible with most microscopes and imaging systems.  However, alternative sizes and shapes can be catered for if required.

Sample material weight guide:

5g of sampl per section is typical, and we can work with only 0.5g is necessary.  However, in the case of unwashed cuttings a minimum of 20g of material is recommended.


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Acicular and plumose crystals of an opaque oxide mineral associated with devitrified vesicular igneous glass

Thermally altered dispersed organic matter



$40 USD For standard samples

$80 USD For samples requiring non-aqueous or multi-stage processing

$80 USD For preparation of coal samples for quantitative analysis, according to international standard methods for polished pellet preparation (e.g. ISO 7404-2).

Urgent work (results required within five working days) incurs a 50% surcharge

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